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Bernstein's is one of the best salad dressings you can buy. It's not only a salad dressing, itís great as a marinade or as an addition that bring extra flavor to many different dishes. Check here for flavorful recipe ideas for your dinner table.

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Chicken Caesar Wraps with Veggies These delicious palate pleasers are easy to make, yet taste like you ordered in. And using Bernsteinís in the recipe guarantees they will be full of fabulous, savory flavor. Make a few as a wonderful prelude to a dinner party, or do several, and serve them as a meal by themselves.
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Basil Parmesan Warm Chicken SaladWhether youíre making a side salad, or a salad to serve as a meal, youíll find something deliciously different to make with these inventive recipes. Use the freshest vegetables you can find, and top your salads with the bold flavors of Bernsteinís.
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Side Dishes

Mandarin Cole SlawSavory side dishes give you fantastic ways to add complementary flavors and textures to your entrťes. And with Bernsteinís right in the recipes, youíve got the perfect blend of herbs and spices to give your sides extra zest.
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Main Dishes

Seafood Kabobs Everyone will be at the dinner table on time when you create these super-easy and flavorful main dishes made with the robust flavors of Bernsteinís. To enhance the flavors even more, serve extra Bernsteinís on the side as a dipping sauce.
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