salad dressings - Bernstein's Italian, Ranch, and Balsamic Italian dressings

Grilling & marinating beef, chicken
Beef and chicken marinades add bold grilling flavor

Add Bold Flavor to Your Chicken Marinades and Beef Marinades

Using Bernstein's as a marinade is a wonderful way to infuse foods with flavor before you cook. Everything you're grilling will be better when it's prepared with Bernstein's Dressings. Bernstein's makes your chicken, beef, fish, and vegetables comes to life.

Marinade Instructions

For easy clean up, place food in a zippered storage bag, then add your favorite Bernstein's dressing to cover. Zip tight, shake the bag gently, and place in the refrigerator for at least an hour or two before cooking. Discard used marinade. To add another layer of rich flavor, baste with Bernstein's while grilling, broiling, or roasting.

Try Bernstein's Light Fantastic Roasted Garlic Balsamic, Restaurant Recipe Italian, Red Wine Garlic Italian and many other Bernstein's varieties for great marinating flavors!